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Pacers Work Hard To Bring Fans Out For Fan Appreciation Night

The Indiana Pacers are trying their best to finish the season on a positive note. While the team lost the last two games and came up short of making the playoffs, the organization has a winning offer for fans to close out the season on Wednesday night. Drastically reduced ticket prices will make good seats affordable for the masses. All upper level seats are $10, all club level seats are $20, and all lower level seats are $30. Additionally, a few days ago up to 4 tickets per person were offered for free (well, actually for a small ticketmaster charge per ticket). I have no idea how many freebies were available but I checked back a couple of times and the alottment was snapped up. The question is: Will an apathetic fan base, many of whom had started taking notice of the effort of late, come out for one last game to head into the offseason on a positive note?

I've heard plenty of stories about people with tickets who couldn't give them away this year. Well, now we'll know for sure if that is true. This would've been a great strategy for all of April. I know the logistics of dealing with season ticket holders and all that would be brutal, but with the local colleges done for the year and the team play of the Pacers worth watching, it would've been a great opportunity to draw back some fall away fans to the Fieldhouse, remind them of the good times they once had and put a positive image in their mind for the offseason. Oh, well, hopefully this one game will attract some of those fans and leave them happy. I'll be out of town tomorrow so I'll be interested to hear how fan appreciation night turns out.