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IC Cold Links: Thanks, Doc!

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A few items of interest.

  • Mike Wells tells us Doc River plans to play Big 3 for the Celtics against the Hawks tonight, just like he did for the Pacers. Go C's! We also learn that several Pacers were under the weather heading into last night's game. Hopefully the swigs of Imodium took care of it for good and there are no lingering effects tonight.
  • Game story from Philly with a nice blend of admiration and reality. Pacers still need a lot of help.
  • Bruno's game recap which also mentions the stomach problems that swept through the locker room. Plenty of video highlights and quotes, as usual.
  • Game story from a Philly perspective which lays more blame on the Sixers than praise for the Pacers.
  • Rick Carlisle to Milwaukee?
  • A little love from for the Pacers late playoff push.