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Second Quarter Update: Pacers vs. Bobcats

First Quarter Update

J.O., Dun, Foster, Marquis, and Travis begin 2Q and ramp up the D.

I know Earl Boykins is small, but Earl Boykins is small, and he just drained a nice jumper.

Bobcats go to the zone. Quisy for threesy! Sorry.

8:01 TO, tied 40-40. Everyday hero time. Sawyer Willis, Mike Sprowl, Alyssa Kistler, and Kamilla Benko eanred the honor for dealing with special needs situations in their lives.

Nice highlight montage of past playoffs. Man, I miss Reggie. Reminds me that you never know what will happen, so you might as well be in the mix if you can.

Of course, it helps if you make a shot. Ack, Quis just short-armed a couple of open shots. Pacers down 44-40.

Granger returns to the game and he quickly scores a couple of buckets. J.O. back to the bench after about 10 minutes.

Uh-oh. Pacers struggling to make a shot. Bobcats up 55-46 with 3:04 left in half.

Kareem Rush sighting. The Pacers are looking for someone to put the ball in the hole. Rush missed his first 3-ball. Time to just stay near ten at the half and then regroup.

Danny and Dun help the Pacers finish the half in good shape.

Halftime: Bobcats 57, Pacers 52 Celitics up 48-40 with 3:31 left in the half in Atlanta.