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Third Quarter Update: Pacers vs. Bobcats

First Quarter Update
Second Quarter Update

The Pacers shot 33% (8-24) in the second quarter. I'd estimate that all 16 missed shots hit the front rim. Pacers need to dig deep on a tired night. The scoreboard doesn't recognize excuses.

Kareem Rush makes an early appearance with 9:32 left in the half and the Pacers down 63-55. His legs should be fresh, hopesully his jumper is, too.

Oops, Flip brought back one of those handle-free turnovers from Philly. Get the O going again, Flip.

Umm, fellas...I keep waiting for signs of life, something to tell me everything will work out well tonight. Still waiting. 6:32 left in 3Q, Bobcats up 68-60. O'B give Travis and Shawne Williams a try.

Hello, Shawne. 4 hits his first look. Feel free to take the team on a little run SW.

Emeka Okafor's offensive game really hasn't developed much. BUT, he keeps getting the ball righ under the hoop. Ack!

3-balls starting to fall. Travis and then Dun. Keep 'em coming, boys.

Bring in J.O., please. Nazr Mohammed, Ryan Hollins and Emeka Okafor are combining to play like a pretty good big man and their having too much fun inside.

And there's J.O. quickly getting into the action and drawing a foul.

TO - 2:55 left in 3Q, Pacers down 79-71. Only down eight, but the stress of the situation makes it seem insurmountable. Need a little run to tighten things up before the end of the quarter.

And to make me feel worse, the Hawks are up 2 (65-63) over the Celtics.

It seems like the players are going to the well, but there's nothing there. Can't hang onto the ball. Shots are missing. Is this how it's going to end, against an orange clad Bobcats team who are are just taking what they're given.

End 3Q: Bobcats 84, Pacers 74

Hawks up 71-67 with 3:43 left in 3Q.