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Update From The Fieldhouse

Five minutes after I arrived at the Fieldhouse tonight, Bruno asked me to do a Pacers pre-game radio interview. Suurreee. Kevin Lee handled the chore and was as nice as you'd expect.

I also listened to most of O'B's pre-game comments which is far more interesting. Let me paraphrase some of his thoughts. For one, he agreed with the assertion that the way the current team is playing is the way he envisioned a team of his playing.

Jermaine O'Neal has helped since he's returned. He constantly has his teammates backs on defense. Nice to have an anchor defensively and offensively it is nice to have a low post presence.

Mike Dunleavy is the remaining player dealing with the stomach sickness. He will start though.

Silver lining from the injuries to Tins and JO has been the play of Granger, Dun, Murph, and Travis. They've had to step up and after being in critical situations throughout the year they've improved their play.

Talked about Dun and possible Most Improved Player status. Addressed Dun getting out of Golden State, but thought the fresh environment wasn't the reason for Dun's success, but rather the style of play. This particular team with what we (Pacers) try to do is perfectly suited for Mike.