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Why The Celtics Should Play To Win Against The Hawks

The Pacers need all the help they can get to make the playoffs. Even if they win the final four games of the season, they need a couple of losses from the Atlanta Hawks. The Boston Celtics play the Hawks this weekend and could not only help the Pacers quest for the playoffs but could also help determine their first round playoff opponent.

Unfortunately, Doc Rivers has pulled up on the reins as the regular season winds down. Here's a list of reasons why Celtics fans should hope Doc has his team playing at full throttle against the Hawks.

  1. The Pacers are less likely to play out of their minds in a first round matchup like the young, athletic Hawks.

  2. Paul Pierce usually treats Conseco Fieldhouse as his own personal playground. Good way to begin the playoffs.

  3. Larry Bird making an appearance in Boston if the Pacers make the playoffs. What a great way for to begin a championship run.

  4. Celtics legend Bird needs a pick me up. Come on, do a legend a favor.

  5. Did I mention Larry Bird? Just look at the retired numbers hanging in the rafters. The 1986 championship C's won the East by 10 games, yet 33 played in all 82.

  6. No one wants Doc Rivers over-thinking as the team heads into the playoffs.

  7. Fans of former Celtics coach, Jim O'Brien can show their appreciation for making the best of some bad years in Boston.

  8. Those who were driven nuts by the 'Toine-ification of the Cetlics during Jim O'Brien's coaching tenure can boo O'B.

  9. The Hawks will likely make the playoffs anyway, so a sound beat down will send a message to the Hawks to temper their enthusiasm.

  10. Plenty of time to rest between the first and second rounds of the playoffs.