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David Harrison Boils Over

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If you saw the end of the game last night, you know David Harrison was seething after taking a blow to the mouth from Matt Bonner. Bonner was called for a foul, but Harrison couldn't let it go. He was T'd up at the other end of the floor, so O'B took him out. Standing off the court, Troy Murphy positioned himself in front of Harrison as DH continued boiling over with a crazed look in his eye. In fact, the camera panned away from DH as you could see the expletives about ready to fly.

According to Mike Wells, Harrison lost it in the locker room to the point of needing medical attention. What exactly happened is unknown. The shame is that Harrison actually played pretty well for most of his minutes and this will probably set him back...again.

As if there weren't enough problems, the players appear to be fracturing, as well. I've heard Mike Dunleavy talk on the radio recently about the great locker room they have with a good group of guys. He was singing a differenent tune last night.

"Throwing physical age out the door, this is a young group mentally, especially without guys like Jamaal and Jermaine (O'Neal), who have been through some wars," Pacers small forward Mike Dunleavy said. "Mentally we need to stay with it. Basically that's what I would say without going into too much detail."
Actually, that's 100% true and not that bad a shot at anyone who doesn't already know it, but I'd rather Dun leave those comments in the locker room and help lead from there instead of through the media. Good times.

Update [2008-3-7 13:7:49 by Cornrows]: The Pacers suspended Harrison one game for last night's meltdown. According to the San Antonio Express News, Harrison's T was well-earned. Pretty funny response from Bonner on the situation.
With 25.6 seconds to play, Indiana's David Harrison, apparently none too happy about taking an elbow to the face during one of Bonner's fourth-quarter drives, informed an official of his plan for dealing with the scrappy Spurs forward.

"I'm going to (expletive) kill him," Harrison said.

That earned Harrison a technical foul. Harrison continued to stare Bonner down from the sidelines before being escorted to the locker room, where he received medical attention for the blow to his head.

Afterward, Bonner was oblivious to all of this. Informed of Harrison's comments, Bonner asked, "You only get a technical for that?"