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Owner Speaks About Pacers

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Mike Wells tracked down Herb Simon for some very rare comments about the current state of the Pacers. The Simons have been silent for years (or so it seems) when it comes to the day-to-day operations of the franchise.

These are Herb Simon's comments from a preview of a larger article for tomorrow's paper.

"We're talking about restructuring, re-thinking, all the things you do when your team is in crisis," he said. "We're going to be having a series of meetings and we're going to make changes, yes."

When asked what areas he plans on addressing, Simon said, "Everything but the owner right now.

"Ever since Detroit, we seem to have one problem after another. But we've had 21 great years where we were a shining example in the community. Now it is my responsibility, and believe me, I'm going to get on it, to restore that kind of image of our team so we can all be proud of them and concentrate on winning and losing and not so much on outside incidents."
The Simons saved the Pacers a long time ago and it is nice to hear they plan to continue owning the club. That's also the first time I've heard anyone associated with the Pacers describe the situation as a crisis. I'd say that's an accurate assessment.