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Walsh: I traded Artest and Jackson

Donnie Walsh just finished a interview with Bob Kravitz on local radio. He actually addressed how he and Larry Bird worked over the past few years. I'll have more on this later, but the most revealing comment was that after Artest asked to be traded, Donnie stepped in because of his experience, knowing how to work the phones 24/7 and when to notice an opening in negotiations. He flat out said that he traded Artest and Jackson. Bird has handled the basketball situations since and Walsh thought Bird did a good job last summer improving the team since he had no cap room to work with.

Also, a great discussion of Black Magic and the early development of basketball in the U.S. Walsh mentioned how college teams in the 1930's were running like today's Phoenix Suns.

He also continued to deny anything is in place with the Knicks and that he will talk when he has something to talk about. Donnie was relaxed and candid, real nice interview. I'll have it up when it's available.