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Donnie Walsh Leaving Pacers

[editor's note, by Cornrows]Below is a rough transcription of the key points from the press conference.

The Pacers announced today that Donnie Walsh is leaving the Pacers, giving him chance a to explore other opportunities.

Walsh: Not a surprise to anyone in this room because I have said this would be my last year all along. I'm completing what would be my dream job.

Not sure what he's going to do in future and will not comment on it until he knows for sure. He plans to be around for the rest of this season.

Walsh thinks he's been around too long but didn't want to leave with the Brawl impact.

Mentions, Larry Bird will remain as the one voice leading the Pacers forward.

Why announce decision now? Everyone was getting confused with all the reports. Thought it would be better to let everyone know now. Plans were in place for sometime but this was the best time to stand up and clear up the situation for everyone. Larry, what are your feelings? Mixed feelings because Donnie brought him in and they had so much success when he coached. Nice to have him here over the past three years with all the problems to talk through issues.

Knicks? Not commenting on anything in the future.

Herb, how important to have one voice after a few years of two voices? That's another reason to make it clear now. Donnie: Important in the league, other GMs want to know who to call to deal with. Some GMs would call Donnie others would call Larry.

Larry, could you do this job without Donnie? Probably wouldn't have taken the job at first without Donnie, but having him here helped the franchise out as a sounding board to learn. Nothing but a plus for me.

Larry, Challenges for improving next year? Everyone knows our challenges not only on the court but off. We're up against it with the salary cap and we won't go over the salary cap.

Herb, How did you select one over the other? Not a matter of me selecting. Donnie picked his successor and he leaves the franchise with a basketball program that is ready to go forward.

Donnie, effective immediately? I'm going on until they kick me out because I'm committed to finishing the season.

Larry/Herb, moving forward what is vision for the franchise? Herb: no question we have to do better in a lot of areas. We have a good core of young players, need to get over Need to reconnect with this city and the fans. That hurts as much as anything, when you lose your fanbase and the great feelings we had in this city. Larry, we know what we have to do to put a team together that the fans want to watch. If we keep doing the things we need to do, they'll want to come back. The team we have plays very hard, they work hard day in, day out.

Past player personnel moves? Larry, we talk about everything. Any move we made, we'd get together and talk about everything. Now it's one voice, it's mine. Herb: You can always talk to me. Larry: I'll talk to you about investments.

Herb, any other changes in the organization? We'll have continual discussions, we want to strengthen the organization in other areas. We want to win more games and reconnect with our fans.

Going away ceremony? What Donnie has done for this city and the franchise, he should be lauded and applauded with a great going away ceremony. Donnie doesn't want one, but they need to do something. Donnie, those type of ceremonies should be reserved for guys who play or coach the game.

Larry, how will you deal with pressure now that your are the man in charge? I've been dealing with pressure ever since I started playing basketball. Pressure is pressure, I've dealt with it in the past. I'm looking forward to it.

Donnie's final statement: Thank you, Indiana!

Press conference is over. Larry Bird now has both hands on the reins of the franchise. Hopefully, he can earn Larry Joe Legend status as a GM, and soon!