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Is Donnie Walsh Staying?

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News has been working a source close to Donnie Walsh all week trying to track Walsh's status with regard to the New York Knicks. First, he reported the Knicks wanted to move on Walsh before the Milwaukee Bucks could get serious in trying to hire him away from the Pacers. Then we heard Walsh had reservations about working for the Knicks and Jim Dolan.

Today, Isola advances the story with a report that the Simons and Walsh are now talking, trying to work out a deal to keep Walsh with the Pacers.

Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh met Friday with his team's co-owners, Herbert and Melvin Simon, to work out a deal that could keep Walsh in Indiana and prevent him from replacing Isiah Thomas in New York.

The Simon brothers would prefer to keep Walsh and have him reassume control over personnel decisions from Pacers president Larry Bird. A person close to Walsh said the talks could drag into next week and that the longer they continue, the more likely it is that Walsh will stay in Indiana.
Hey, if Donnie Walsh is staying in the GM game, I hope it is with the Pacers. Of course, no one is talking who can actually confirm or deny these reports and while the Pacers are actually winning and attracting positive attention on the court, I can't imagine the Pacers will address the subject until the season ends. So, for now, no news is probably good news for those who want Donnie Walsh to stay on with the Pacers.