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Larry Bird Faces Uncertainty

Mike Wells advances the story about the uncertain future of the Pacers front office. With reports of Donnie Walsh talking to the Knicks and Herb Simon prepared to change "everything but the owner", Larry Bird admits he's not sure where his future lies with the Pacers.

There's a strong belief that either Bird or Walsh will return -- but not both.

"If it's changing everybody, it's changing everybody," Bird said. "I would like an opportunity to try to do it. . . . I think there's a lot of blame that can be passed around, and obviously it starts at the top. When you're at the top, you have to take the hits like everybody else."
I appreciate Bird for not sugar-coating the situation, but the unknown is unsettling at this point. Whatever the go forward strategy is, it needs to be solidified in a hurry once the season ends (if not before). There's too much work that needs to be done to have the top brass fiddling around in the land of uncertainty.