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Man, I Miss Jermaine O'Neal

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So I'm in the play room building greatness from a pile of Lincoln Logs with my boys and for some reason the life-size poster of Jermaine O'Neal catches my eye. Man, I think, I can't remember the last time I saw J.O. in his uniform. I'm so used to seeing him in a fresh suit on the bench, that the poster of him in uniform actually startled me for a second.

I had to go back and determine just when it was I last saw J.O. in uni. Turns out it was the Pacers' home win over the Golden State Warriors. J.O. left with injury in the first quarter in what would become one of the Pacers' best games of the year.

Was that it? As the end of the season draws near, J.O.'s return this year may not happen. If he's moved this summer, that brief appearance in the Golden State game would be J.O.'s anticlimactic last hurrah with the Pacers.

Man, that stinks. For those who miss seeing #7 on the court, here's a nice highlight mix with plenty of sweet memories. I must say, the tape don't lie, J.O. flourished with the tight, braided hair style. I'm just sayin'.