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I Love Having Kobe Bryant On My Team

I hold a certain disdain for the Los Angeles Lakers, always have. I love to root for their demise each spring. Actually the rooting begins in the fall and covers all 82 regular season games, but that's beside the point.

The villanous role the Lakers play in my life is why I love Kobe Bryant. He breaks my heart on the regular, willing the Lakers to wins no mortal could deliver. The Lakers are relevant, their games matter, and that helps fuel my passion for the game. I invest my emotions for 48 minutes, and Kobe never fails to deliver big dividends in breathtaking, aggravating, elevating, and scintillating return.

The frost brewed plasma flowing through Kobe's veins have made late game heroics from 8 24 expected. I love it when we know and Kobe knows, and Kobe knows we know, it's time for him to decide the game. How many times have the Lakers appeared done, only to see Kobe rise above a perfectly positioned defender to a level few can reach and release a shot no one can fathom will be made, yet everyone anticipates will splash? Game winner! I shake my head, stand and clap. Broke my heart, again. I love it.

Well, finally, Kobe is set to play for my team and I can't wait. Last summer, the greatest irrelevant basketball game of all-time was played in Las Vegas when Team USA held a formal scrimmage. Why was it so great? Kobe. Sure LeBron and Jason Kidd were spectacular. Kevin Durant even stepped up and surprised us. But Kobe set the tone and intensity level for the game. Play to win or don't play at all. Of course, Kobe gave us this:

Team USA will win the Olympic gold medal in Beijing because Kobe won't settle for anything less. I love the fact that Kobe will finally be on my team and I can't wait to openly root for him to deliver the gold.

Happy Kobe Bryant Blog Day!