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Pacers Set To Sign Flip Murray, Hmmm

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Pacers Notebook tells us that the Pacers plan on signing guard Flip Murray today. Interstingly enough, the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday that the L.A. Clippers were going to sign Murray.

I'll stick with my man Mike Wells on this one and expect to see Flip at the Fieldhouse tomorrow. O'B is tapping into his Philly roots for this signing. Murray isn't a classic point guard but can come off the bench to add some offense.

Still, this signing is a bit confusing. On February 10th, Jamaal Tinsley said he'd be out another three weeks. Well, that would mean a return next week. Sounds like he'll be out much longer. Hmmm. Could the Pacers be working to unload Tinsley for good, maybe through a similar buyout that released Murray from Detroit? Just asking because the thought crossed my mind while trying to think of a good reason to bring in Flip Murray at this point.

Update [2008-3-1 19:52:20 by Cornrows]: Mr. Wells had the goods, Flip Murray is a Pacer.