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Kareem Rush is Useful

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So how should the Pacers use him? Mark Montieth, has a nice look at the development of Rush's game this year. He's become the cosistent scoring threat the Pacers planned on, but his defensive capabilies have exceeded expectations.

After the past couple of games, it appears he's over the knee problem that slowed him down for a few games. In the Pacers small ball lineup, Rush starts at shooting guard, often defending the most challenging back court player of the opposition.

Unfortunately, that leaves the second unit light on offense threats, well, I should say, consistent offensive threats. Seeing Rush work off the bench alongside Marquis Daniels, piqued my interest. Why not keep that dynamic duo coming off the bench? You have the known scoring punch in Rush which takes pressure off Quisy to be the guy on offense.

So who should start in a small ball lineup? Why naturally, Stephen Graham. I'm not saying Graham plays heavy minutes, but for that first rotation he can more than hold his own defensively. Plus, if he does pick up a couple of fouls, no biggie. This give Graham a real chance to play and also adds some depth to the second unit. If Rush and/or Quisy have it going, they'll play the same amount of minutes down the stretch. It just shuffles the rotation and offers Graham a real chance to prove his worth. Why not?