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Open Game Thread #50: Pacers at Knicks

Here's Bruno's Scouting Report with words of despair from Jim O'Brien as he searches for the right buttons to push tonight to end the losing streak. Maybe Mike Dunleavy will pick up where he left off the last time the Pacers visited MSG. Hey, I have an idea. How about pushing Stephen Graham's play button? Seriously, what is the risk at at this point? Graham did get six minutes of garbage time last night after the Spurs seized control of the game. Gee thanks. Of course, he scored 7 points only missing a 3-ball shot at the final buzzer, but it was true garbage time.

Here's what the efficiency numbers say:

Team Pace Off.Eff. Def.Eff.
IND 96.7(2nd) 106.1(18th) 108.4(19th)
NYK 89.4(19th) 104.1(24th) 112.6(4th)

Projected Starters
Mike Dunleavy F Quentin Richardson
Troy Murphy F Zach Randolph
Jeff Foster C Eddy Curry
Danny Granger G Fred Jones
Travis Diener G Jamal Crawford

Feel free to leave your thoughts on the game in the comments.