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Spurs 116, Pacers 89: Running In Place

Pass the ice, Jamaal, my head hurts, too.
(AP Photo/Darron Cummings)

Once again, the Indiana Pacers put out an impotent second half while the visiting San Antonio Spurs threw down the hammer in the fourth quarter to leave with a 116-89 win. Sounds horrible doesn't it. Well, would you believe the score at the half was tied up at 59? Would it shock you even more to know that after the first quarter the Pacers were leading 36-34?

You could see the end result coming despite the Pacers exhilirating start. I mean, the Pacers shot 78% from the field in the first and 68% for the half. They were like a rabbit runner setting the pace for an Olympic distance race. You've seen those guys, they run out front for a few laps, setting a fast pace for the field, only to drop back when the world class runners are ready to go for the gold. Except on this night, the rabbit (Pacers) sprinted out in front only to look over "his" shoulder to see the world class runner (Spurs) a half stride behind.

After the half, the Pacers just pulled over and waved the Spurs by. Literally. How else to explain following up a spectacular 59 point half with an 9 point third quarter? Meanwhile the Spurs just hummed along and executed in their usual flawless manner. By the fourth quarter the Pacers defense was flailing around, leaving open shot after open shot for the Spurs to knock down, which they did.

Honestly, I'm not feeling well and this game didn't help. Can't say I was expecting a win, but after the fun first half, I was hoping for a little more than 30 second-half points. There's no one player I'm interested in lauding or throwing under the bus tonight. The Pacer defense relies on a team effort and when they can't work together to defend we're treated to this nightmare.

So, time to let this go, get some rest and look toward New York and a chance to end the current seven game losing streak against the Knicks.