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Jeff Foster Mentioned In Trade Talk

Word out of Utah, denies a Mitch Lawrence rumor that the Jazz are targeting Jeff Foster to offer some help with front court defense and rebounding. Looking at the options, I can't see a deal that wouldn't appear lopsided on one side or the other. Jeff Foster is about the last guy the Pacers should trade for less than maximum market value. Sure he'd be tough to lose, but in the name of rebuilding, Foster does hold solid value to a team trying to complete a title-contending team. If it started the ball rolling on the full rebuild, so be it. Plus, Jeff would benefit from going to a better team. The fact that this talk is out there tells me no one is off limits for the Pacers and that is what I like to hear.

Reading the Utah side of this story, there isn't anything in there that actually denies interest or the possibility of a move. Sounds like the writer just feels it wouldn't work right now. If nothing else, this talk may set the market for Foster and force other teams to take a look. Who knows it may even drive up the price? Does that type of thing still happen? It's been so long for the Pacers.