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Murder Suspect Found At Home of Shawne Williams

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Great. Shawne Williams is involved in another police report this morning, after a murder suspect from Memphis was arrested outside of Shawne's home.

Gary Bohannon aka Roosevel Rollins is the multiple-identity genius who copped to marijuana possession when Shawne was stopped by police back in September. At that time, we were led to believe the bad characters in Shawne's ride were friends of friends of relatives and Shawne was just showing them around town. Kind of hard to plead ignorance now, after being affiliated with the same guy twice.

This is beyond painful. The Pacers are far past being a joke around town. In fact, this incident may not even register with many because they just don't care any more. Yesterday my kid's piano teacher made a crack out of the blue about the Pacers needing someone who could score. She has no idea I follow the team so closely, it was just an off-hand comment. Need a laugh, use the Pacers. Usually I defend the blue and gold to layer some reality over the perception, but I didn't even bother. A day later reality has fortified the perception once again.