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Trouble at Marquis Daniels' Home

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As I alluded to in the game recap, Marquis Daniels has his name closely tied to another ugly situation. Though police say Quisy wasn't involved, a woman reported a sexual assault at his Carmel home on Sunday. From the story:

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department investigators contacted the sheriff's department Sunday afternoon after the woman in her mid 20s left the home and went to Methodist Hospital, he said.

Daniels is not a suspect in the investigation, Carter said, and he is cooperating with investigators. The victim accused someone else at the house, the sheriff added.
Another sad situation for the Pacer organization to endure. Quisy doesn't get many bonus points for not being involved. The fact that "Indiana Pacers" and "rape case" will be the lede in news reports all over the country tomorrow is more than enough damage for the Pacers.

I can only hope that the woman involved is okay and, if the alleged crime happened as reported, justice is served. Damn!

Update [2008-2-26 6:31:55 by Cornrows]: Here's an updated story with quotes from Quisy and Jim O'Brien. Essenstially, no idea what happened.