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Raptors 102, Pacers 98: Another Solid Effort Comes Up Short

How many ways can the Raptors beat the Pacers? In earlier games this year, Jose Calderon scalded the Pacers, then Jason Kapono couldn't miss, coming off the bench to destroy the Pacers. Monday night, Carlos Delfino and T.J. Ford came off the bench to nuke a solid effort from the Pacers and propel the Raptors to a 102-98 win over the Pacers.

I can't possibly bore you with another account of how the Pacers failed to get it done down the stretch. It actually wasn't as bad as past melt downs since Marquis Daniels was able to score some points inside of the two minute mark, but Quisy was acting alone and the Raptors hung on for the win.

A few more quick thoughts:

  • Now I fully understand why TJ Ford is highly rated and the completely different dimension he can bring to the Raptors that Jose Calderon cannot. The quicks are always there, but Ford showed a nice mid-range game to go along with the break-neck pace. Real impressive.
  • Shawne Williams continues to struggle for the Pacers. He's 4 of 26 from 3-land in the last nine games. Does Shawne have guaranteed minutes written into his contract? I know he's young and needs time, but maybe he needs a challenge. How about pushing him a little to earn some minutes? Maybe he'd feel a stronger sense of urgency to focus on the court if he saw someone else *cough* STEPHEN GRAHAM *cough* busting his ass on the floor in front of him.
  • Troy Murphy and Danny Granger continued their solid play of late. Both are consistently bringing solid production, at least through the first 44 minutes of the game. Murph has really impressed of late. Tonight he pump faked Chris Bosh off balance and swooped by him for a sweet reverse dunk. Okay, swooped might be pushing it a bit, but Murph definitely blew past Bosh.
  • Marquis Daniels had an extra pep in his step tonight. Been a long time since Quisy had the mid-range game going. Real nice to see. Unfortunately, the effort may have been a release of pent up energy brought on by more off-court problems with his name attached. Ugh.
  • The Pacers went real small to start the game, going with Troy Murphy at Center instead of Foster. Made sense because Andrea Bargnani doesn't play in the post. Granger was able to make his matchup with the big Italian a mismatch. Eventually, the Raps worked Chris Bosh enough to force a switch.
  • The new look Chicago Bulls visit the Fieldhouse on Wednesday night.