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Jermaine O'Neal Plans On Playing...Soon

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Mike Wells gives us some good news from Jermaine O'Neal. After meeting with doctors in New York, it sounds like J.O.'s rehab is progressing to the point where he's expecting to return within a few weeks.

"It was great," O'Neal said before going through a workout at the Izod Center. "Obviously there's a little bit more work to be done, but now I can start picking it up. The goal right now is to start practicing, and once I get to practicing, the next goal would be to play.

"It can be as long as three to four weeks or sooner depending on the progression. We've seen great strides in the last few days."
Wells had to ask J.O. about Larry Bird's comments about the lack of leadership on the roster. J.O. refused to comment but this is just another obvious sign that J.O. and LJL don't see eye to eye. Hell, J.O.'s love-fest with Isiah a few weeks ago made that obvious.

I really thought Bird's comments this time weren't directed at J.O. but at Granger, Dunleavy, and others playing now who just haven't been able to rise up and take the Pacers down the stretch of a game.