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What'd You Say, Rasho?

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I realize that things are bad, but now Rasho Nesterovic is taking shots at the Pacers? At least the line is funny.

Former Pacer Primoz Brezec was traded to the Raptors at the deadline, making it his third stop since Indiana. Along the way, Brezec hasn't picked up much playing time but has developed quite a personality. When fellow Slovenian, Rasho Nesterovic tried to explain how Brezec developed such perfect "gansta slang" in the NBA, Rasho had this to say.

"[Your English] depends on where you start in the NBA," said Nesterovic. "I started in Minnesota, he started in Indiana. That's a pretty tough organization to pick up English."
Ouch. Maybe Ronnie was trying to develop Primoz to be the Eminem of Tru Warier Records. No harm in that, now is there? Hopefully the Pacers can go gangsta on Rasho and the Raptors tomorrow night.