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Back To Ball

After a week off with minimal posting, my Pacers' battery is fully recharged and ready for whatever the rest of the season has in store. I must say, after that last loss in Detroit, the juice was running pretty low. But, watching the Celtics and Nuggets get after it last night fired me up to check out the Blue and Gold again. I'm ready for anything from a run into playoff contention to a garage-sale salary dump for future assets. Bring it on, that's why I'm here.

At least with the trade deadline on Thursday we'll finally be able to separate rumor from truth and know what we're dealing with for the rest of the year. As Bruno points out, the schedule eases up a bit for the Pacers, so a simple return to health for the current roster may be enough for the Pacers to make a run at a playoff spot.

After watching plenty of college ball involving most of the top prospects, I really don't think there's a franchise-changer among the bunch. There are plenty of nice players that can help an NBA team, but not a player worth dumping Ws for at this point. Would a higher draft pick be nice? Sure, the higher the better, but I'm still interested in the Pacers winning and don't see any harm in keeping the faith.