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Jared Responds To Reggie

Yes, Jared was working radio row at the Super Bowl on Friday and talkrf to Eddie and Kravitz from 1070 The Fan. Of course, they brought up Reggie's story about Jared turning in his Pacer tickets.

Jared explained that his schedule forced him to miss over half the games and last year he couldn't give the tickets away, let alone sell them and it became frustrating. He's hoping his schedule slows down so he can renew next year. He still loves the Pacers. Whew!

Jared was shocked that the story of him turning the tickets in made's front page, just under a story about Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Later, Eddie and Kravitz were impressed that one of their local interviews became national news. Ahem, I'm here for you fellas. I fed the story to Tommy Z at AOL's Fanhouse.