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IC Cold Links: Digesting The Daggers

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Here are some items of interest after watching Boston's Big Three shoot down the Pacers:

  • Here's Bruno's LIVE! blog final along with the rest of the Postgame Report.
  • Mike Wells found the Celtics happy to mess up Larry Bird's birthday but still offering plenty of praise for the Pacers. KG was one Celt offering praise, if not throwing me off the scent with the term, superficial.
    "One of the things that's superficial here is when you come into the arena and you look up and see their slogan this year about dedicating themselves to hard work and passion," Celtics forward Kevin Garnett said. "The way they go out and play, it's true. They make mistakes, but they are playing hard, really hard."
    So the slogan is superficial because it is just words on a sign, but the Pacers are real because they're backing up the words with their actions. I get it...I think.
  • Pacers Notebook has items on JOB using Stephen Graham for what was Brandon Rush's minutes in the rotation. Rush didn't play last night. JOB also considered starting Roy Hibbert for Rasho Nesterovic but Rasho's been too valuable lately early in the games.
  • Frank Dell'Apa tries to figure out how the Celtics won this one and finds Ray Allen's seven 3-balls a good place to start.
  • Steve Bullpet has a similar take with Doc Rivers making sense of the late game heroics for the Celtics. 
    We stole the game tonight and we felt fortunate to do it,” coach Doc Rivers said after the team’s 12th straight win. “I felt that us being together longer showed, and our execution in overtime was phenomenal. The calm of that when you have veterans was huge for us.
  • Pacers Insider has Mike's initial post-game thoughts while his formal game report is prepped for the Indy Star. I'm going to have to check for this now because I find it more interesting than the game report because Mike sprinkles in more opinion as opposed to strictly reporting the facts of the game. Good stuff.