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Kobe Bryant wants to meet Larry Bird. Huh?

According to this Los Angeles Times blog post by Broderick Turner, Kobe Bryant expressed a desire to meet Larry Bird on Thursday after practice.

Bryant talked after practice Thursday about how it was such an honor to meet (Earl) Monroe. Bryant then smiled. "You know, I've never met Larry Bird,'' Bryant said. "I'd like to.''

Seems kind of strange that Kobe hasn't met Larry Legend, doesn't it? I mean Bird has been involved in many games between the Pacers and Lakers over the years. Not to mention, Bird coached the Pacers against Kobe in the 2000 Finals. I can't believe their paths haven't crossed.

We know Bird's a big Kobe fan especially after hearing him heap praise on Kobe during a Dan Patrick interview this summer. Plus, the Lakers were just in Indy two days ago. "Hey, can I meet Larry Bird?" probably would've done the trick, Kobe.