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IC Cold Links: Recapping The Brutal Back-To-Back

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Here are some items of interest following the loss to the Celtics last night:

  • Bruno's LIVE Blog has the action as it unfolded last night.
  • Postgame report
  • Mike Wells found no excuses necessary for the tired Pacers losing to the champion Celtics.
  • Mike Wells also has some positive news on Mike Dunleavy with a glimmer of hope that he may play as soon as next week. Nice to hear from Mike himself.

    "We're going to see how the next week or so goes," he said. "I have to pass some test in terms of on-court activities, and after that, hopefully, I'll be able to pick it up more and more."

  • Frank Dell'Apa focuses on Rajon Rondo's huge night for the Celtics.
  • CelticsBlog has the recap bullets down to a science.
  • Bill Doyle shows a little sympathy for the Pacers vicious schedule this week.
  • Travis Diener blogs about handling the holiday season in the middle of the NBA season and his frustrating injury situation.