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IC Cold Links: Recapping Frustration

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Here are a few links from last night's loss:

  • Bruno's LIVE blog final and Postgame Report are both full of great stuff as usual, including Chris Paul finding motivation from this fan. Again, points off turnovers sticks out as the Hornets held a 17-9 advantage in that category. Little things.
  • Mike Wells reports on another frustrating loss for the Pacers and includes this numbing number nugget.
    The Pacers (10-20), who led by as many as 12 points, can lump their close defeat to the Hornets with losses to Memphis, New Jersey, Dallas and Orlando this season. They're 3-6 in games decided by three points or less.
  • Pacers Insider has an update on Mike Dunleavy who now is dealing with the viral infection that has already hit several of his teammates.
  • Mike Wells captures the scene inside the Fieldhouse quite well in his Pacers Insider post. Among the interesting nuggets is that Larry Bird will travel with the team on their upcoming roadie next week and as Ben Q Rock noted, Dunleavy appears to have lost some serious weight.
  • Jimmy Smith reports on the Hornets closing out the win with Chris Paul leading the way. Paul knows what to do at winning time.
    "You know I was looking at the clock, eight minutes, six minutes, and usually when it's a one- or two-point game, we've got one of those teams when it's winning time, it's winning time," Paul said. "That's the way I felt. We scrimmage in practice day-in and day-out when we're in those situations. We're one of those teams that knows what they want to do down the stretch, and we usually execute."
  • At The Hive is not turning down any W's and is thankful to have Chris Paul to take over in the final three minutes.
  • Hornets 247 adds the Hornets to the list of teams impressed with the Pacers play after escaping with a win.
  • hosts the latest Carnival of the NBA and takes a year-end tour around the NBA blogosphere.