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Santa Quisy and the NBA Showcase

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Christmas Day offers us an NBA showcase of five games involving much of the elite names and stories surrounding the league this year.

Chris Paul vs. Dwight Howard is compelling, but the Orlando Magic vs. New Orleans Hornets as a whole is even more so. With the Phoenix  Suns vs. San Antonio Spurs matchup we have some old Western powers trying to maintain their strength.

Then there's the Boston Celtics vs. Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant, Paul Pierce, Pau Gasol, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. Great players all, but I'm interested in seeing how Trevor Ariza and Tony Allen impact the final result.

Later this evening, LeBron and the Cavs try to light up the Washington Wizards, leading up to the final game pitting the young Portland Trail Blazers continuing their to quest to bum rush the league against the Dallas Mavericks.

Sweet! Don't miss Kevin Arnovitz "working" over at TrueHoop today and live blogging ALL FIVE GAMES! Nice.

Before watching the games, make sure you check out Mike Wells's profile of Marquis Daniels today. Awesome stuff from Mike and Quisy.

Here's to a future Christmas Day when the NBA features the Indiana Pacers to entertain the masses.

Keep the faith and Merry Christmas!