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IC Cold Links: Recapping Buzzer-Beaten Pacers

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Here are a few items of interest to digest on Christmas Eve:

  • Bruno's LIVE blog final and Postgame Report. Loved this item from Bruno's blog:
    Here's the quote of the night. As he was waiting to check in during Harris' free throws at the 6:30 mark, Carter looked down toward the Pacers bench and got an eyeful of Mike Dunleavy, who's sporting a custom-tailored bright-yellow blazer with a Pacers logo on the breast pocket.

    "Look at that suit! Look at that suit!" Carter exclaimed, pointing toward Dunleavy.

    Heckled by Pacers fans, Carter turned to them and said, 'Y'all are mad at me when he's wearing that yellow jacket? Sit down."
  • Mike Wells reports on the Pacers' disappointment with coming up short again. Travis Diener explains:
    "That's the story of the season right now," Pacers point guard Travis Diener said. "Just one play short. He made a tough shot, give credit to him. Danny makes a big shot and looks like we're going to get a hard-fought win, just goes for nothing."
    Jim O'Brien also explains why he was fine with Granger's shot with ten seconds left. Essentially, there's far more risk winding the clock down for one chance. Hindsight sucks.
  • Pacers Notebook checks in on the physical toll the viral infection has taken on Troy Murphy, T.J. Ford moving gingerly after the game thanks to his back spasms, and Brandon Rush putting it together on offense.
  • Mike Wells adds some nice flavor to his Pacers Insider post including one scout's plan to advise his team's coach to vote for Danny Granger as an All-Star reserve. I must say, the visual of T.J. Ford laboring through the back pain is a downer.
  • Dave D'Allessandro reports on the Nets finding a way to win it at the buzzer.
  • Nets Daily has all the Nets coverage linked up.
  • Prior to the game, Man of Pace dropped this FanPost on the thin line between "suck and great" which was perfectly illustrated by the tough loss a couple of hours later.