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Update On Mike Dunleavy's Status

After Mike Dunleavy practiced with the Pacers yesterday for the first time since training camp, everyone acknowledge the significance but also managed anyone's expectations that Dun would be in the lineup any time soon.

Bruno caught up with the vested parties in his latest Caugh in the Web (includes video) and reports that Dun's practicing was merely a hurdle to clear in his quest to return and not to get too excited because there were more hurdles in Dun's path.

Don't get me wrong, everyone was excited to have him back on the court, but it was just a step back toward playing. Jim O'Brien offered up the coldest splash of reality on the situation in his description of the workout.

He was limited to 10 minutes of halfcourt competition Monday, so clearly there is a long way yet to go before game readiness can even be discussed.

"Hopefully we've got this thing under control," Dunleavy said. "I had a good day. Hopefully, tomorrow's better and we'll keep moving forward."

"I have not been given a timetable," said O'Brien. "He did 10 minutes and it was all in the halfcourt because he's not allowed to go fullcourt now. Take that for what it is. He has a number of hurdles to clear before he puts on a uniform."

To paraphrase a diminutive gunning guard for the Pistons, we're not even talkin' about practice, we're talkin' about half court and hurdles. But at least we're talking about Dun stepping out of the rehab room and onto the court. That remains good news.