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IC Cold Links: Waiting On The Pacers vs. Lakers

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Here are some items of interest as I continue to catch up from my trip and wait for the opening tip tonight agains the Lakers:

  • Jeff Foster answers five question for ESPN's Daily Dime (scroll to the bottom). My favorite of the five: 

    Q: Do you find yourself thinking back a lot to 2000 since that was the closest this franchise has come to a championship?

    A: Obviously it was my rookie year, so I didn't know any better. I'll never forget, toward the end of that year, having a conversation with Chris Mullin. He said something like: "Rook, this is my 14th year. It's going to go by quick." I said, "Yeah, whatever." That really seems like yesterday. It's just amazing how quick it goes. Maceo [Baston] is older than me and Rasho [Nesterovic] is older than me, but these guys know that I've seen every Pacer game at Conseco Fieldhouse, so that's a scary thing. And I scored the last basket in Market Square Arena, which is even scarier. But it's a great franchise and we will rise again. It's just a matter of how long it takes.

  • Danny Granger goes One-on-One with Ball Don't Lie. They focus on his off-court pursuits including, of course, his love of superheroes and the batcave. GRANGERMAN? Needs some work..
  • Bruno looks at some variables the Pacers have to keep in their favor if they plan to make a run at the playoffs.
  • The Pacers are stepping up their presence in local youth basketball leagues. Very cool. Which reminds me, I'm coaching my boys in a round of indoor soccer at the YMCA and our uniforms include a Pacers logo thanks to their support for the program. I know the boys were pumped to have the logo on their soccer uniform. Just another little thing in the community that adds up to a stronger image locally.
  • Mike Wells comments from The 'Burg on the Pacers' need for more of a post presence (or any, actually) to help the offense and even up the free throw differntial.
  • Mark Boyle podcast with Ron Artest. Yep, a must click situation. Boyle takes Ronnie down the music production path...well, just listen. I continue find it impossible not to love Ronnie's spirit.
  • USA Today heaps some more love on Danny Granger.
  • Peter Vecsey is among many in New York who thinks the way Larry Bird handled the Jamaal Tinsley situation should've been a model for the now messy Stephon Marbury situation.