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IC Cold Links: Recapping A Win On The Run

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Plenty of items of interest from the Pacers' win over Golden State last night:

  • Bruno's LIVE! blog final and Postgame Report. Marquis Daniles relieves us with his assessment that he just has a sore neck and should be fine.
  • Mike Wells reports on the good, old-fashioned, run-n-gun shootout at the Fieldhouse. Jarrett Jack explains:
    "It was like a playground game almost," Pacers point guard Jarrett Jack said. "but you try to keep it organized. . . . We played a controlled, chaotic style."
    Yep, that pretty much covers it.
  • Pacers Notebook catches up with Stephen Jackson and informs on the player who didn't play due to injuries (T.J. Ford, Troy Murphy) and CD-DNP (Roy Hibbert).
  • Mike Wells delves in deeper with his thoughts on the game and shares and interesting tidbit from his conversation with Stephen Jackson. 
    Losing touch
    --I caught up with Stephen Jackson after Golden State's shootaround Wednesday. He said he sold his house here in Indy during the summer and that he still keeps in touch with Marquis Daniels, Jermaine O'Neal and Al Harrington. One name missing from that list was Jamaal Tinsley.

    Jackson said he really hasn't spoken to Tinsley since the strip club incident more than two years ago. The two were still teammates for four months after the incident in October 2006.
    "We haven't really spoke since then. I haven't seen him in the summer time like I use to," Jackson said. "Hopefully he's doing well." I was surprised that Jackson still got booed, especially since it's been almost two years since the trade.
  • Jeff Rabjonhs catches up with Eric Gordon prior to his return to Indy for Friday's game against the Clippers. EJ sheds a little light on what went down last year in Bloomington with the IU basketball team.
  • Golden State of Mind just trying to stay positive.
  • Mike Dunleavy is still happy he was trade away from Don Nelson and the Warriors. Hasn't this story been told ten times already?