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IC Cold Links: Recapping A Precious W

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Here are some links of interest following the Pacers' win over the Wizards last night:

  • Bruno's LIVE! blog final and Postgame Report. Jim O'Brien was happy to find some defense when the going got tough in the second half.
    “The Wizards came back and tied it up, but our guys just hung tough. It shows how active we were defensively. Danny (Granger) had 16 deflections tonight. Between Danny (Granger), Jarrett (Jack), and Marquis (Daniels), they had 35 deflections. They really defended at a high level and we did what we had to do to win.”
  • Mike Wells found the Pacers appreciating an easy win and looking to get on a roll.
  • Plenty of goodies in Mike's post-game blog at Pacers Insider, including a little more on the post-game chat between T.J. Ford and Danny Granger. Danny credits Ford with checking his (Danny's) mindset as the frustration was boiling over.
    "He was just trying to calm me down because I was starting to lose it," Granger said about his talk, which was shown on Fox Sports Indiana. "He did a good job calming me down. I was just so frustrated the way we played and the mistakes we constantly make over and over. It's frustrating when you're such a competitor and you want to win so bad."
  • Jim O'Brien is not worried about his job despite the slow start and the rash of coaching changes around the NBA.
  • Marc Craig and Mike James find the same results from a different lineup for the Wizards.
  • The countdown is on over at Bullets Forever.
  • Rashad Mobley reports plenty of great observations for HoopsAddict.
  • Roy Hibbert struggled but still enjoyed coming home.
  • Conseco Fieldhouse is the best the NBA has to offer in one NBA observer's opinion. (HT: Both Teams Played Hard)