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IC Cold Links: Recapping High Levels Of Frustration

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Here are a few items of interest from the loss in Detroit:

  • Bruno's final LIVE! blog and the Postgame Report.
  • Mike Wells reports on another good effort that came up short for the Pacers. T.J. Ford took the loss and his miss hard.
    "I thought I put it high enough where he couldn't get it," Ford said. "He got a piece of it. I definitely feel like I let the team down. The coach believes in you, your team believes in you, but you come up short. It sucks."
    Head up, T.J. Gotta go at 'em again tonight.
  • Pacers Insider tells us what Mike Wells thinks about the game and the struggles the Pacers are going through. Great stuff.
  • Pacers Notebook wonders if the Pacers can take advantage of the upcoming schedule. Time to find out if this team can turn the season around or not.
  • Chris McCosky on the Pistons finding success with their small lineup.
  • Chrus Lau on Rasheed Wallace saving his buckets for the fourth quarter and then hitting a few big ones.
  • Need4Sheed celebrates the return of Antonio McDyess.