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Pro Athletes Should Listen To Don On Guns

Kravitz and Eddie brought on an expert Monday afternoon to discuss Plaxico Burress's Cheddar Bob moment. Of course, when this guy is your expert then you know a situation is messed up.

Don Davis from Don's Guns didn't disappoint while explaining the gun play of moronic pro athletes. In fact, Don perfectly captured the issues facing a pro athlete's quest for nightlife excitement, complete with unintentional comedy and a fresh recap of what happened to Stephen Jackson, Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels (and friends) at Club Rio.

Kravitz: Can you understand why athletes would carry guns?

Don: Uhh, really, really, yeah. An athlete has to be careful making all that money. They still are young guys, they wanna go out and chase the girls. But the thing they don't understand is...around all these clubs there's a lot of tough guys, a lot of guys got out of the joint, a lot of ex-boxers around and you know, it's sort of, hey you know, you get a few drinks in and ... "you want to see me go kick his ass." That's what happens. And that's what happened here out in my neck of the woods, out here at 38th and Lafayette Road. The fellas were over looking at the girls and some guy just took him on. And it's funny because all those guys had just left the gun range (at Don's store). Everyone of 'em had a gun. Every one of 'em is an excellent shot. And they had their guns in the car, but they're in the bar and some guy walks over and whacks that guy (Jackson). I can't remember his name but you fellas can.

Now at this point, I wish there was video of Kravitz's reaction because we all did some quick math and realized the "fellas" were the Club Rio Trio. But Don wasn't done and Kravitz quickly picked up on where Don was heading and led him down the path to more gold.

Kravitz: Your talking about which, uh which...?

Don: The, I think it was the basketball player...

Eddie: Pacers?

Kravitz: Your talking about the, uh the Jackson...

Don: Yeah. Who was Jackson?

Kravitz: ...over at Club Rio, you mean?

Don: Yeah, Club Rio. And who, now he was a basketball player right?

Kravitz: Yes, Stephen Jackson.

Don: (rambles on about going out and more ex-boxers, which I never knew was such a big problem, then offers up some more items of interest). All those Pacers come in the gun store. All the Colts come in the gun store. In fact, the Pacers come down and said, Hey Don would you take a lot of those pictures down for a while. Because they'll come in and get me to come out and do the gun thing and take a picture and write, To my buddy, Don or something and we got 'em in the gun store. And they are a sitting target, but I don't know why they don't know that.

Don also scared the hell out of me by describing the incredibly lax gun laws in Indiana. I mean, when the most famous gun dealer in the state is worried about the gun laws we may have a problem. Of course, this doesn't stop him from just sticking to the letter of the law and arming anyone who complies. But that's another story for another time.

For now, there are two things I take away from this highly entertaining interview. First, the Pacers have really changed the image of their team since that Club Rio incident because even though I realize Quisy is still around and one bad night can wipe out all the positives, I still don't associate this current team with any of that garbage that was going on three years ago. It's also hilarious that part of the Pacers' image scrub included someone dropping by Don's and politely asking that his pictures with players be taken off the wall.

My other take away is that every pro athlete needs to heed Don's advice. When the fellas want to go chase the girls they have to realize that they're a sitting target for every sauced up tough guy (and ex-boxer) in the joint. So stay away from them or have people around to keep you away from them. Pretty simple, really.

Full audio link: Don Davis on Kravitz and Eddie