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IC Cold Links: Sunburn Always Stings The Next Day

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Here are some items of interest following the Pacers lost cause against the Suns:

  • Bruno's live blog tracks the game from Shaq not planning to play, to Shaq starting, to Amare dominating. Also, here's the postgame report.
  • Mike Wells reports on Amare (he only had six dunks? seemed like 15), the pick-up feel to this Pacers-Suns game in the first half, and Jim O'Brien's complaints about the offense in the second half.
    "I talked to our guys after the game, I talked to them during timeouts that we have to understand and be disciplined to do what we do best," O'Brien said. "Cut and run random pick-and-rolls and get good shot selection, and when we get away from that offense, we're not a very good basketball team. . . . Our guys know they'll be kicking themselves when they see the tape."
  • Both Teams Played Hard tracked the ups and downs of the game with properly place awe for both Amare Stoudemire and Stacy Paetz.
  • Pacers Notebook has Mike Dunleavy addressing the possibility of surgery. He doesn't expect to have surgery but the fact that the topic is on the table is not good.
  • Bright Side Of The Sun with reaction from the other side.