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IC Cold Links: Ready For Another Game

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Danny Granger brings the crowd to its feet with the W in hand. Notice
Larry Bird a few rows up joining in the approval.
(Photo: Frank McGrath)

After watching the Pacers exciting win over the Celtics on Saturday night, the wait for tomorrow night's game against the Phoenix Suns is beginning to drag. Oh well, at least it gives Danny Granger a little extra time to take care of his chompers. In the mean time, here are a few items of interest:

  • The Denver Nuggets are no longer in the market for Jamaal Tinsley. Here's a Denver perspective on the Nuggs deal for Chauncey Billups.
  • Tommy Z captures my main problem with the Detroit-Denver deal.
  • Mike Wells reports on Jim O'Brien working out the details with film study, the state of Roy Hibbert's role, and T.J. Ford's plans to make the Fieldhouse experience painful for opponents.
  • Speaking of Hibbert, according to Kevin Lee's report from practice, ready or not Roy's his role should expand on Wednesday with Rasho Nesterovic expected to miss the game against Phoenix due to his sprained ankle. Mike Dunleavy still isn't practicing but Travis Diener is day-to-day and could join the team this week.
  • Bruno catches up with Haywoode Workman as he embarks on his new NBA career.
  • Nate Jones at The Fanhouse has the goods on a disturbing NBA trend that must be reversed. I'd like to see a before and after statistical comparison for the players involved.
  • Danny Granger talking teeth after practice.
  • Jeff Rabjohns reports from practice on Danny's teeth, dealing with Steven Nash, Rasho's out and Diener's in.
  • Mark Boyle podcast with Jim O'Brien
  • Monster recap of the Pacers win on Saturday from 20 Second Timeout.
  • John Hollinger continues to like what he sees from the Pacers.