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IC Cold Link: Home Opener Hysteria

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The Indiana Pacers didn't play a perfect game last night but the franchise had a perfect home opener. Great crowd, great effort and of coure, a great W. Here's a round up of game reports:

  • Let's start with Bruno's live blog of the action as it happened. This comment captures the mood of the crowd perfectly in the fourth quarter. 
    I keep waiting for what should be an inevitable run by Boston it doesn't look like it's going to come. Boston looked tired in the second quarter, with three players grabbing their shorts during one break in the action, and began playing tired in the fourth. They've missed 12 free throws already, nine in the second half, and the Pacers are running away with this one.
    Everyone was waiting for that run by the Celtics throughout the third and fourth quarter. Finally, with about 2:30 left in the game it was safe to exhale.
  • Video of post game interviews.
  • Mike Wells reports on a the Pacers finally having some fun at the Fieldhouse. It's been awhile. Jeff Foster has been through the highs and lows so he was happy to bring back some old feelings.
    "It almost makes me speechless to bring back so many fond memories of how great our fans are. The people that have been great, but when you get 18,000-plus cheering like that and getting behind their Pacers. It's a great experience and great night." 
    Bob Kravitz enjoyed what he saw and as an old hockey player I think he took special delight in Danny Granger's teeth exploding.
  • Speaking of Granger's teeth, Both Teams Played Hard has it fully covered including the incredible action shot of the tooth bits flying.
  • Caught in the Web has more on Granger's contract extension, including Larry Bird's comment on signing players to long term deals.
    There's also a message in this move, not to mention the decision to extend Foster's contract earlier this month. Bird is rewarding those that not only get it done on the court but represent the franchise, and the game, with honor.

    "That's exactly what we're doing," Bird said. "We're going to keep the guys we feel that are not only going to be working hard on the court but off the court, as well. Danny's great at it and he's going to continue to do his job, continue to get better and we're going to try to sign all of our guys that try to do the right things."
  • Daniel Lee reports on the Pacers effort to bring back fans which, for one game at least, appeared to work.
  • The Boston Globe brings a little reality to the situation reporting on the flat play of the Celtics punctuated with turnovers and missed shots.
  • CelticsBlog is wondering where the champs were hiding last night.