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Pacers 95, Celtics 79: Seriously

What a perfect way to open the season at the Fieldhouse. A capacity crowd left wanting more roared their approval throughout the game, as the Indiana Pacers responed with a 95-79 win over the Boston Celtics.

Repeat, Pacers win 95-79 over the defending champion Boston Celtics. Tech gremlins will limit this report but I'd happily put up with these issues to enjoy Ws like this more often.

Here are some thoughts (not direct quotes) from Jim O'Brien:

  • Great victory for the Indiana Pacers. Great crowd and the guys competed at a high level to beat a very good Celtics team.
  • Defense was strong helping force the Celtics into 24 turnovers. Marquis Daniels and Troy Murphy each had nine deflections.
  • Offense has some work to do but JOB was real happy with the defensive effort.
  • JOB didn't realize Danny Granger  lost his teeth until he flashed a smile and it wasn't pretty.
  • Great crowd and atmosphere at The Fieldhouse. JOB remembered that sound from when he was on the oposing bench. Nice to hear it as coach of the Pacers.
  • The Pacers gave the crowd and all out effort for 48 minutes which is what they've been giving JOB every day in practice.

Here's the full Post Game Report.