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Tinsley Still With Pacers So Kravitz Is Walking To Kokomo...Sort Of

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Indy Star columnist and 1070 The Fan afternoon radio host, Bob Kravitz mentioned over the summer that if Jamaal TInsley was still with the Pacers when training camp ended that he (Kravitz) would walk to Kokomo.

Well, after some haggling over the technical issues, like Tinsley is in Atlanta and not with the team but he is on the roster, Kravitz started his walk today. But since he found a sympathetic state trooper to shoot down the idea of walking up US-31, he's doing the mileage on a treadmill at the Emmis studios over the next few days. He will walk the final mile up in Kokomo, though.

Fortunately, they turned the event into a fund raiser and even found celebrities to join him for shifts on the treadmill.

1070 The Fan has live video streaming on their website so you can see Kravitz laboring on his way to Kokomo...sort of.

Hopefully Larry Bird will work out some kind of trade or buyout of Tinsley on Thursday afternoon and announce it as Kravitz is rolling into Kokomo.