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IC Cold Links: Recapping A Slide Below .500

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Here are some a few items of interest after the Pacers loss in Chicago:

  • Bruno's Live Blog captures the feel of the road loss and compares it to the Friday night collapse.
    This might've been a worse loss than last night because at least in that one the Pacers played one good quarter. They had a few bursts but couldn't sustain and looked thoroughly out of synch all night long. Too many turnvoers (20), too little ball and player movement and not enough activity on defense.
  • For the Star, Jeff Rabjohns pinpoints the problem and thinks Jim O'Brien may need to appeal to a higher power to get the message across.
    Jim O'Brien might as well petition for an 11th commandment: He that winneth the turnover battle winneth the game. The Indiana Pacers coach has seen his team's result perfectly mirror that one aspect in every game so far. The four times the Pacers have made fewer turnovers than their opponent, they've won. The five times they haven't, they've lost.
  • Pacers Notebook heaps praise on Derrick Rose and looks at the puts Friday night's collapse into historical perspective.
  • Duke dynamite didn't take the loss well and his latest Blue & Gold looks toward the bench for answers. Is Jim O'Brien the problem?
  • K.C. Johnson finds a statistical comparison of Derrick Rose to Michael Jordan after looking at both players' first ten games as a pro.