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IC Cold Links: Recapping The One That Got Away

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More on the ugliness at the Fieldhouse last night:

  • Bruno's LIVE Blog captures the ebb and flow (mostly the ebb) of the game. This third quarter observation told the story of the game.
    The Pacers have outscored the Sixers 31-8 with big lineups on the floor, but Philly holds a 63-47 advantage with the small lineups. Nevertheless, Indiana takes a seven-point lead into the fourth, needing desperately to get to the line and get some stops to keep the Sixers at bay.
    That's why Sam Dalembert only played 12 minutes for Philly.
  • Here's the Postgame Report and video interviews. We'll see if the Pacers can live up to their words and not let this tough loss linger tonight.
  • Jeff Rabjohns saw a game that reminded him of the trend of lost leads last year. Jim O'Brien didn't see it the same way.

    By the end of December last season, the Pacers had lost six games in which they led by double figures.

    One had nearly identical earmarks to Friday night. The Pacers built a 25-point lead against Denver in a Nov. 10 game only to lose 113-106. "It's a completely different team," Pacers coach Jim O'Brien said of a franchise that has seven new players this season. "I think this team has a way of growing from adverse situations.

    "We didn't get the job done. We got a lead against a good team and didn't continue to do what got us the lead."

  • Pacers Notebook reports the Jamaal Tinsley's agent is loooking for a buyout since the preseason trade options have dried up. For now, Larry Bird says nothing has changed.
  • Kate Fagan finds Philly praising their second unit for the win last night.
  • Phil Jasner compared the Pacers to a car and the Sixers to the Jersey Turnpike.  T
    The Indiana Pacers spent the first quarter going to the basket as if they all had an EZ-Pass.

    Then the 76ers closed the booths, shut down all the ramps, blocked the exits.