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IC Cold Links: Recapping Three In A Row

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Here are some items of interest from the Pacers' latest W:

  • Bruno's Live Blog always covers the game as it unfolds. Then there's the Postgame Report with the numbers and reactions.
  • Mike Wells reports on Jim O'Brien always focusing on who he has available to play on any given night. The players on the bench seem to respond well to that treatment.
    "Everybody has people banged up, and frankly, nobody wants to hear about guys that aren't playing," O'Brien said. "The fact of the matter is it's an insult to the guys that have uniforms on to worry about guys that don't have uniforms on. Everybody has to step up. You lose games and nobody cares who is out. They don't care. We don't worry about that, we just play with what we have."
    Also, includes a great quote from Foster on the change in attitude of this Pacers team.
  • Pacers Notebook has more on Danny Granger's leg cramps (he plans to play on Friday), JOB on the pick n' roll and Rasho's return.
  • Michael Grady keeps it movin' at 1070 The Fan but takes time to check in with his postgame take on the game.
  • Dave D'Alessandro reports from a New Jersey perspective and finds some praise for the Pacers from Nets coach, Lawrence Frank.

    What lesson can be gained here? Just this: These absences hardly mattered, because the Pacers outworked the Nets from tap to buzzer and scored an easy 98-87 victory at Izod Center.

    "It just goes to show, it didn't matter. They don't make any excuses for who they didn't have," said Nets coach Lawrence Frank, who was without Devin Harris (sprained ankle) for a third straight game. "They came in here and were the aggressors. (We're) too disjointed at times. That's my responsibility. We've got to work and get better. That's on me."