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IC Cold Links: Waiting on the Pacers vs. Nets

Here are a few game day links of interest:

  • Bruno's latest Caught in the Web catches up with Jim O'Brien on the current role and continued development of rookies, Brandon Rush and Roy Hibbert. Both are playing through their NBA growing pains but they are and will continue to keep playing.
    "Confidence comes from success on the court," said Coach Jim O'Brien. "Both rookies are doing positive things every night out and they're a big part of our rotation. We make no bones about it, we put a lot of pressure on them. We're aggressive from the standpoint of coaching them and trying to bring them along. At the same time we have to exercise patience. But it's kind of an aggressive patience, if you will.

    "We think they're very capable of impacting our team greatly. Because they're not guys that came out of high school or came out after their first year, they have some maturity about them. They've played in big venues and we anticipate they'll continue to grow."
    Also, an update on David Harrison in China and the Wages of Wins outlook for the Pacers.
  • From the Fieldhouse yesterday, Kevin Lee reports that Troy Murphy will catch up with the team later after spending the afternoon in the hospital for treatment of his stomach virus. Rasho may be ready to play tonight but Mike Dunleavy remains a no go. Also, mentioned that Jim O'Brien admitted the challenge the Pacers face trying to beat the same team twice within one week.
  • Devin Harris says he may play, although he's not too convincing.
  • Carnival of the NBA #61 is up at Both Teams Played Hard where you'll always find plenty of love for the Pacers.
  • Mike Wells delves into the suddenly stable point guard situation for the Pacers. T.J Ford and Jarret Jack are playing big minutes and big roles. Jim O'Brien loves it.
    "It's so important to have toughness at the point guard spot," O'Brien said. "Mental toughness, physical toughness. I think Larry (Bird) being able to get both of those guys on our team has really changed our whole psyche because everything offensively and defensively starts at the point guard position."
  • T.J. Ford, Danny Granger and Mike Dunleavy are on the NBA All-Star ballot. You know what to do -- vote all day, every day.
  • RealGM likes how the Pacers have started the season.