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IC Cold Links: Recapping The Coliseum Carnage

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Appreciate the effort, Mike! (photo:

Here are some reports and observations from the Pacers loss last night:

  • Mike Wells leads us off appropriately focusing on the first pro experience of rookies Roy Hibbert and Brandon Rush.

    "They both have a long, long way to go," Pacers coach Jim O'Brien said. "We know that. That's why we have to get them as much playing time in the exhibition (season) that we can give them. I think they're going to be fine. I have a lot of confidence in them.

    "It's different coming out here, playing against a team that is an awful good basketball team. It's a learning experience for rookies."

  • Bruno wonders just what positives the Pacers can take from this game.
  • Kevin Lee included post-game audio from Jim O'Brien, Austin Croshere and T.J. Ford. JOB didn't recognize the Pacers as the same team he's been coaching for the past nine days.
  • Kelly Dwyer gives the game at Pepsi Coliseum its apprpriate due showing up at the game and putting in a live (and in person) blog during the game and a real nice Behind the boxscore.
  • Jeff Rabjohns ties up all the loose ends from last night. Info on T.J. Ford's debut, turnovers, Tinsley trade options, and Larry Bird settling a lawsuit over a former French Lick home.