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Waiting on the Pacers vs. Hornets

While waiting on the preseason opener tomorrow night, here are a few items of interest:

  • Slick Leonard is all set to coach the Pacers during the first quarter of the game tomorrow night at Pepsi Coliseum where he had tons of success coaching the ABA Pacers. There were a couple of great interviews with Slick on local radio this afternoon. Here's an audio link to the interview on 1070 The Fan. BS doesn't have JMV's interview up yet, but they had a hilarious discussion about the clothes worn in the ABA era and Slick remarked that he used to call Larry Brown, Little Lord Fauntleroy for the puffy shirts he'd wear.
  • Jim O'Brien initiated the idea to have Slick coach the team for the first quarter. JOB will call the action with Mark Boyle on the radio broadcast.
  • Speaking of Boyle, it's time to update your iPod podcast subscriptions my friends. Mark will be recording podcasts with interviews, and hopefully some personal diatribes opinion, for Beautiful! His initial interview with Mel Daniels is ready for your listening pleasure.
  • Kevin Lee has a nice report from Pacers practice including audio from Jim O'Brien and Jeff Foster. JOB plans to start TJ Ford, Marquis Daniels, Danny Granger, Austin Croshere and Rasho Nesterovic. Kevin added that in the limited time he's watched practice, he's yet to see Croshere miss a shot. Obviously, something positive is brewing with Cro but man, that makes the roster situation crazy.
  • Foster's reaction to Slick coaching tomorrow is priceless. He initially thought everyone was joking about Slick coaching, but absolutely lit up when he realized it was true and that "Uncle Slick" would indeed be calling the shots in the first quarter.
  • Unfortunately I'm going to miss the preseason opener tomorrow as I'm flying out to Seattle for a few days. I will be scrambling to try to catch some of the game.  If anyone is on hand to watch the game and festivities, please share your thoughts in a FanPost.