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IC Cold Camp Links: Happy Preseason Game Eve!

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With the Indiana Pacers preseason schedule set to tip off tomorrow evening at the Pepsi Coliseum, here are some items of interest surrounding the team:

  • First, did you hear the deafening silence yesterday regarding the Jamaal Tinsley-to-Denver trade speculation? At this point, I'll take the no news is good news approach. Mark Kizla of the Denver Post did refer to "the ridiculous rumors regarding Indiana Pacers bad boy Jamaal Tinsley" today in his column addressing Nugget needs.
  • Speaking of the ABA throwback opener, check out the landing page right now. Teasing the masses with the red, white and blue ball. Could a  surprise be in store for Wednesday night? I have heard a radio commercial that makes a passing reference to "possibly" seeing the RWB ball. No brainer, people. Get it done!
  • As for the game, Troy Murphy and Mike Dunleavy will not play as they continue to nurse their respective achilles and knee strains. So who will start in their place? Based on camp reports, could be Marquis Daniels and Austin Croshere. The linked story also tells us how Austin Croshere and Josh Davis have raised the competitive level of practice. Croshere appears to love playing in Jim O'Brien's system and his results back it up.
  • Bruno catches Marquis Daniels and Austin Croshere in the web with more talk of their strong camps. JOB on Quisy:
    "He is far superior right now to any time but the very end of last season," O'Brien said. "I thought he played great the last month (of 2007-08). He's leading well. His defense is strong, he's scoring. We had a full half of basketball (in a scrimmage Sunday) and he had 19 points, by far our high scorer, and he led us in deflections. He's just playing very, very solid basketball.

    "I've always said it to anybody that wanted to listen: in my mind, he's always been a very, very key part to the success of our basketball team."